Venom "Welcome To Hell" Digipak CD

Venom "Welcome To Hell" Digipak CD
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"Welcome to Hell" is the debut studio album by English heavy metal pioneers Venom. Make no mistake: Welcome to Hell, more than any other album, crystallized the elements of what later became known as thrash, death, black, and virtually every other form of extreme metal, serving as a primer for thousands of post-New Wave of British Heavy Metal teens to follow. 1.Sons Of Satan
2.Welcome To Hell
4.Mayhem With Mercy
6.Live Like An Angel 
7.Witching Hour
8.One Thousand Days Of Sodom
9.Angel Dust
10.In League With Satan
11.Red Light Fever
12.Angel Dust (from Lead Weight)
13.In League With Satan (7” version)
14.Live Like An Angel (7” version)
15.Bloodlust (7” B-side)
16.In Nomine Satanas
17.Angel Dust (demo)
18.Raise The Dead (demo)
19.Red Light Fever (demo) 
20.WelcomeTo Hell (demo)
21.Bitch Witch (outtake)
22.Snots Shit (outtake)

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