Venom "Black Metal" Digipak CD

Venom "Black Metal" Digipak CD
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"Black Metal" is the second album by English heavy metal pioneers Venom. Released hot upon the heels of their first assault came Venom's nearly as crucial second album, 1982's Black Metal, whose title alone still lends itself to the most uncompromising strain of heavy metal in existence today. The band wasn't popular or successful at the time the album was released, but they showed a legion of metal heads they could gather some friends, get wasted, and crank out an album's worth of extreme darkness.

1.Black Metal
2.To Hell And Back
3.Buried Alive
4.Raise The Dead
5.Teacher’s Pet 
6.Leave Me In Hell
8.Heavens On Earth
9.Countess Bathory
10.Don’t Burn The Witch 
11.At War With Satan (preview)
12.Bursting Out (version)
13.Black Metal (Radio 1 session)
14.Nightmare (Radio 1 session) 
15.Too Loud For The Crowd (Radio 1 session) 
16.Bloodlust (Radio 1 version)
17.Die Hard (12” version)
18.Acid Queen (12” version)
19.Bursting Out
20.Hounds Of Hell (outtake)

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