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3 years since "Killing God", and a new magnum opus emerges from the twisted mind of Johnny V. Cybergoth is the current buzz word to describe what is essentially a dark techno record. Album opener "Sex" is, somewhat misleadingly, a poppy euro techno type track given the typical JV lyrical twist, swiftly followed by the hard trance pounder "Elektra" that has been hammered by DJs on promo for a year.

Flirting with almost mainstream pop production values gives the album a commercial feel but the dark lyrical underbelly of lost love and perversion remains throughout. The history of innovative, maverick electronic artists, Vince Clarke thru Gary Numan, Richard D. James, Liam Howlett, Trent Reznor etc surely now has a new name to add to the list...

Track Listing
1. Sex - 3:45
2. Elektra - 4:43
3. Superpower (V.) - 5:56
4. Airbreak - 4:12
5. Speed and Distance - 5:05
6. Race Face - 3:19
7. The Dark Station - 4:36
8. Diamonds - 3:57
9. Separation - 4:04
10. Team Uvr - 6:30

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