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The ultimate Ultraviolence guide is here, in the form of a 2 CD package packed with the best moments from '94 - '04. Disc 1 details the best moments from the 4 Earache albums while disc 2 collects together rare remixes and even 2 completely unreleased tracks. Redefining the Gabba and extreme Techno scene almost single handedly, Ultraviolence produced the fastest and most controversial extreme sounds through the 90's.

Track Listing

Disc One
(Best of Ultraviolence 1994-2004)
1/ Hardcore Mother****er
2/ Joan
3/ We Will Break
4/ Psycho Drama
5/ Murder Academy
6/ Heaven Is Oblivion (single mix)
7/ E-Heads Must Die
8/ North Korea Goes Bang
9/ Adultery
10/ Paranoid
11/ Still
12/ Masochist Breakdown
13/ Sex
14/ Elektra
15/ Separation
16/ Team UVR

Disc Two
(collection of hard to find mixes of other artists by Ultraviolence or of Ultraviolence)
1/ OLD - The Two of Me (Thermo Amphetamine mix)
2/ G.R.O.W.T.H - Stars (Ultraviolence mix)
3/ Laibach - War (Ultraviolence meets Hitman mix)
4/ Hellsau - Blissed Turbo
5/ Mark Stewart - Consumed (Ultraviolence mix)
6/ Leech Woman - TK421 (overloaded)
7/ Misery Loves Co - You're Not The Only One (Ultraviolence mix)
8/ The Naked Apes - Life Under Glass (Ultraviolence mix)
9/ Ultraviolence - I, Destructor (Lenny Dee mix)
10/ Ultraviolence - Psycho Drama (DJ Fistfuck mix)
11/ Ultraviolence - Heaven Is Oblivion (Billy Bunter mix)
12/ Ultraviolence - Strangled (Hellsau mix)
13/ Ultraviolence - Electric Chair E2.BA/X (exclusive new recording)
14/ Ultraviolence - Theme from Guts V1 (exclusive new recording)

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