The Haunted "Warning Shots" 2CD - Best Of & Rarities

The Haunted "Warning Shots" 2CD - Best Of & Rarities
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Fully endorsed by the band, this comprehensive 2 disc set documents The Haunted's earliest and most respected work, namely the Earache years. Disc 1 contains all of the best known material from the band's 3 full length Earache albums including 'Hate Song', 'D.O.A' and 'Hollow Ground", while Disc 2 contains rarities and unreleased tracks including: 4 non album tracks, 3 cuts from the limited live album 'Live Rounds in Tokyo', plus 3 completely unheard early rehearsal tracks from before the band was even called The Haunted! Furthermore the booklet comes with an extensive interview with bass player and songwriter Jonas Bjorler, written by respected UK rock writer Dom Lawson.


Disc 1:

1 Hate Song
2 Trespass
3 Shadow World
4 D.O.A.
5 Undead
6 One Kill Wonder
7 Under the Surface
8 In vein
9 Hollow Ground
10 Everlasting
11 Dark Intentions
12 Bury Your Dead
13 Shithead
14 Chasm
15 Revelation
16 Forensick

Disc 2: 'Off the Record'

1 Ritual
2 Creed
3 Well of Souls
4 Eclipse
5 Choke Hold (live)
6 Leech (live)
7 Three Times (live)
8 Undead (demo)*
9 Shattered (demo)
10 Undead (Death & 1/2 Prod. rehearsal)*
11 Now You Know (Death & 1/2 Prod. rehearsal)*
12 Blood Rust (Death & 1/2 Prod. rehearsal)*

* previously unreleased

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