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Order Of Ennead "An Examination Of Being" Limited Edition CD in a promo card wallet + EXCLUSIVE T-shirt -93%
Featuring Death Metal legend and Deicide drummer Steve Asheim, as well as current Deicide guitarist ..
$15.49 $1.11
Napalm Death "From Enslavement To Obliteration" Full Dynamic Range Digipak CD w/ Bonus Tracks -49%
As with the upcoming re-release of "Scum", Napalm Death's "From Enslavement To Obliteration" has bee..
$10.99 $5.61
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Napalm Death "Harmony Corruption" Digipak CD w/ Bonus Tracks -41%
Originally released in 1990, 'Harmony Corruption' took Napalm Death into a ore Death Metal direction..
$9.49 $5.61
Napalm Death "Utopia Banished" Digipak CD w/ Bonus Tracks -49%
'The World Keeps Turning', 'Contemptuous', the harsh 'I Abstain' and plenty of other moshpit slayers..
$10.99 $5.61
Rival Sons "Great Western Valkyrie" Limited Edition German CD Box Set with Engraved Hip Flask -44%
This slimline digisleeve CD allows the album artwork to be seen as it was meant to be seen, instead ..
$25.99 $14.61
Adema "Planets" CD -64%
A new world of powerful, emotional hard rock is about to unfold and captivate all who stray into Ade..
$6.19 $2.24
And Hell Followed With "Proprioception" Digipak CD -88%
This digipak includes an exclusive bonus track, plus full artwork by Godmachine (Bullet For My Valen..
$9.49 $1.11
At The Gates "Purgatory Unleashed - Live At Wacken" CD -65%
Please note that only a very limited number of these will be available at the reduced price.For ..
$9.49 $3.36
Autonomy "Autonomy" CD -73%
Trampling all over the UK nu-band scene come Autonomy, and already they are head and shoulders above..
$4.09 $1.11
Beecher "Breaking The Fourth Wall" CD -64%
Fusing the ethics of primal hardcore with a love for the technicalities and aggression of Metal. Als..
$6.19 $2.24
Beecher "This Elegy, His Autopsy" CD -64%
Using chaos as a driving force, Beecher push the sound of modern Hardcore ever onwards with ferociou..
$6.19 $2.24
Biomechanical "Cannibalised" CD w/4 Bonus Tracks -82%
Extreme progressive metallers Biomechanical have again managed to create a sublime album combining t..
$6.19 $1.11
Biters "Electric Blood" CD -53%
Release Date - July 10th, 2015Atlanta's rock 'n' roll tearaways Biters will be releasing their E..
$9.49 $4.49
Biters "The Future Ain't What It Used To Be" Signed CD -51%
Release Date: May 19th, 2017Presenting the brand new album from Georgia's most dangerous rock 'n..
$11.49 $5.61
Bolt Thrower "The IVth Crusade" CD -21%
Relentless set of tunes with mega Colin Richardsone production - 'Spearhead' rules.Track listing..
$9.49 $7.49


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