Saint Vitus "C.O.D." CD

Saint Vitus "C.O.D." CD
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Season of Mist is proud to reissue two long overlooked classics from the legendary SAINT VITUS catalog of releases, "C.O.D." and "Die Healing." "C.O.D." with Chritus Linderson (COUNT RAVEN) on vocals features numerous instant VITUS classics including "Children of Doom" and "Plague of Man" and is now repackaged with bonus tracks and on limited edition double vinyl! 1. Intro
2. Children of Doom
3. Planet of Judgement 
4. Shadow of a Skeleton
5. (I Am) The Screaming Banshee 
6. Plague of Man
7. Imagination Man
8. Fear
9. Get Away
10. Bela
11. A Timeless Tale
12. Hallow's Victim (Exhumed)
13. To Breed a Soldier (Bonus Track)
14. The Chameleon (Bonus Track)

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