Order Of Ennead "An Examination Of Being" CD

Order Of Ennead "An Examination Of Being" CD
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Featuring Death Metal legend and Deicide drummer Steve Asheim, as well as current Deicide guitarist Kevin Quirion the four piece, rounded out by John Li and Scott Patrick, Florida death metallers Order of Ennead return with their second album of have crafted 9 tracks of highly melodic blackened Death Metal. Yet this time they have woven in even more twists and turns than the debut, giving 'An Examination Of Being' a truly progressive edge!
Tours with the likes of Deicide, Vital Remains and Samael have helped hone the band into a cataclysmic force that until you behold them in the flesh can not be experienced anywhere better than on 'An Examination of Being'!

Track Listing CD:

01 The Concept of Our Extinction
02 The Scriptures of Purification
03 Lies Upon the Lips of Judas
04 This Mortal Journey
05 ...In the Mirror
06 An Examination of Being
07 Conduits to Eternity
08 A Portal to Rapture
09 A Betrayal of Self

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