Order Of Ennead "Order Of Ennead" CD

Order Of Ennead "Order Of Ennead" CD
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Killer Black / Death metal reminiscent of Dissection and Dawn, but with the melodies eschewed in favour of burning aggression drawing parallels with prime era Behemoth and Nile. While the lyrics concern the pre Christian mythology and empires of the Near & Middle East.
Featuring Steve Asheim on drums who is best known for his drumming and song writing prowess in the mighty Deicide and Scott Patrick of the kult Floridian Death Metallers Resurrection this debut is sure to tear the current Death Metal scene apart as the pretenders realise the new heirs have arrived!

Track List:

01. Seeking & Prophets
02. Reflection, An Endless Endeavor
03. As Long As I Have MySelf I Am Not Alone
04. The Culling
05. Introspection & The Loss of Denial
06. Conferring With Demons
07. As If A Rose I Wither
08. Interlude With Reason*
09. A Cry To The Perilous Sun
10. Prelude To Ruin*
11. Dismantling An Empire

* - Instrumental

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