Napalm Death "Scum" Full Dynamic Range Digipak CD

Napalm Death "Scum" Full Dynamic Range Digipak CD
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Release Date: November 9, 2018


The most influential grindcore album ever, this certainly started it as far as Earache was concerned - no-one could have imagined what lay in store for the future of music when this spiteful little bastard was issued back in 1987 to a largely unsuspecting metal and mainstream public!

This release has been specially remastered using the original master tapes using a Full Dynamic Range! You have to hear it to believe the difference this has made, this album has never sounded better! Key 'Scum' Musical Luminaries!! To all of you that didn't know 'Scum' is in fact made up of two recordings played by different members that went on to spawn other successful performers and bands: Mick Harris later formed the industrial/ambient act Scorn as well as various other electronic projects. Justin Broadrick played with Head of David before forming Godflesh. He currently plays in Jesu and recently reformed Godflesh. Nick Bullen later formed Scorn with Mick Harris and has lately returned to making music. Lee Dorrian formed Cathedral whom he fronts to this day, as well as performing on the Probot record with Dave Grohl. Bill Steer eventually focused on Carcass before forming Firebird, and is latterly a member of Gentleman's Pistols and Angel Witch. Shane Embury continues as the driving force of Napalm Death while also playing in multiple other bands either as a session musician or full time member most notably with Lock Up, Brujeria and Unseen Terror.

Track Listing
1. Multinational Corporations - 1:06
2. Instinct of Survival - 2:26
3. The Kill - :23
4. Scum - 2:38
5. Caught... In a Dream - 1:47
6. Polluted Minds - :58
7. Sacrificed - 1:06
8. Siege of Power - 3:59
9. Control - 1:23
10. Born on Your Knees - 1:48
11. Human Garbage - 1:32
12. You Suffer - :04
13. Life? - :43
14. Prison Without Walls - :38
15. Point of No Return - :35
16. Negative Approach - :32
17. Success? - 1:09
18. Deceiver - :29
19. C.S. - 1:14
20. Parasites - :23
21. Pseudo Youth - :42
22. Divine Death - 1:21
23. As the Machine Rolls On - :42
24. Common Enemy - :16
25. Moral Crusade - 1:32
26. Stigmatized - 1:03
27. M.A.D. - 1:34
28. Dragnet - 1:01


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