Morbid Angel "Altars of Madness" Remastered CD

Morbid Angel "Altars of Madness" Remastered CD
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If you don't own this you are quite clearly insane - a storming debut that blew the competition out of the water back in '89, and is still to be bettered as a debut - contains 'Maze of Torment', 'Chapel of Ghouls' and many more classics. This blasts, grinds, batters and wah-wah's through your skull - more an historical event than an album.And now it has been remastered and inlcudes the bonus video 'Immortal Rites', liner notes by Trey Azagthoth and many unseen photographs.

1. Immortal Rites 4:03
2. Suffocation 3:14
3. Visions from the Darkside 4:09
4. Maze of Torment 4:24
5. Lord of All Fevers and Plague 3:28
6. Chapel of Ghouls 4:57
7. Bleed for the Devil 2:23
8. Damnation 4:10
9. Blasphemy 3:31
10. Evil Spells 4:13
11. Maze of Torment 4:27
12. Chapel of Ghouls 4:58
13. Blasphemy 3:21

Bonus video clip 'Immortal Rites'

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