Lunaris "Cyclic" CD

Lunaris "Cyclic" CD
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Cyclic, the second album from Norwegian astral Black Metal act Lunaris is set to take the Metal world by storm and give it a damn good shake up. The path of experimentation and technicality is continued from The Infinite, packed with astounding atmospherics and huge soundscapes whilst also hinting at the Death Metal influence of bands like Zyklon and Gehenna.

This time around the line up of the band features former members of 1349 and Trelldom with a guest appearance from Steve Di Giorgio of DEATH and SADUS. This is hard hitting Black Metal played with precision and grace and will take you on a mesmerising journey.

Track Listing

1. Mendacities Of A Corporate Messiah
2. I.A.D
3. Lessons In Futility
4. Cyclic
5. Slaves Of Opinion
6. When It Ends
7. Casualties Of Peace
8. Existence Unveiled
9. Altruismens Gravol
10. In Nothing
11. Mot Natt

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