Insision "Revealed And Worshipped" CD

Insision "Revealed And Worshipped" CD
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Insision are back with a brand new album... so its time to listen up an pay attention. 11 tracks of ferocious Death Metal played with unbelievable force and intent. It has to be said this is a step up from album number 1 and is sure to astound all who sample its delight. Revealed And Worshipped demonstrates how the band have matured over the past few years into a highly tuned killing machine, spewing some of the best extreme music into the scene that Sweden has to offer. The future of Death Metal has been revealed get worshipping.

Track Listing
1. No Belief
2. Imminent Vision
3. We Did Not Come To Heal
4. Revealed And Worshipped
5. The Unrest
6. Grotesque Plague Mass
7. The Foul Smell Of Humans
8 . In The Gallows
9. The Cleansing
10. Havoc
11. Ideas Of Revolution

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