Insect Warfare "World Extermination" CD

Insect Warfare "World Extermination" CD
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Old school Grindcore kaos from Texas trio Insect Warfare, whose "World Extermination" album which will make you feel just like it was the late 1980's all over again! Long revered within the Grindcore scene Insect Warfare have recorded many split CDs and 7"s, but this is their one and only crushing full length!

A must for fans of Nasum, Brutal Truth and of course Napalm Death!


01 Oxygen Corrosion
02 Self Termination
03 Enslaved by Machinery
04 Manipulator
05 Zone Killer
06 Decontamination
07 Street Sweeper
08 Dead Inside
09 Human Trafficking
10 Hydraphobia
11 Mind Ripper
12 Armored Virus
13 Mass Communication Mindfuck
14 Nuclear Deterrence
15 Paranoia
16 Necessary Death
17 Protection Maze
18 Lobotomized
19 Internet Era Alienation
20 Evolved into Obliteration


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