Hate Eternal "King Of All Kings" CD

Hate Eternal "King Of All Kings" CD
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You know the drill - Erik Rutan, Jared Anderson and Derek Roddy utilise all the knowledge gained by playing at the highest level for years to produce a Death Metal masterclass. Rapid-fire tempo throughout, scathing guitar work and a varied use of vocal decompositions, this album has the lot. This is more consistently aggressive than Morbid Angel, and way more fierce and boils over throughout with nasty, creeping death.....you ain't Death Metal if you don't own this.

Track Listing

1. Our Beckoning
2. King Of All Kings
3. The Obscure Terror
4. Servants Of The Gods
5. Beyond Redemption
6. Born By Fire
7. Chants In Declaration
8. Rising Legions of Black
9. In Spirit (The Power Of Mana)
10. Powers That Be

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