Gorguts "The Erosion Of Sanity" Digipak CD

Gorguts "The Erosion Of Sanity" Digipak CD
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Release Date: June 3rd, 2016

The first ever LP release of Gorguts' sophomore album, originally dating from 1993. The band had a monumental impact on the scene due to experiments with progressive song structures and the additional of interesting jazz elements. Because of the demonic voices, crushing riffs and marvellously technical structures, this is an essential release for your death metal collection.

Track Listing:

1. With Their Flesh, He'll Create
2. Condemned To Obscurity
3. The Erosion Of Sanity
4. Orphans Of Sickness
5. Hideous Infirmity
6. A Path Beyond Premonition
7. Odors Of Existence
8. Dormant Misery

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