Godflesh "Songs Of Love And Hate / Love And Hate In Dub / In All Languages DVD" 2CD + DVD Box Set

Godflesh "Songs Of Love And Hate / Love And Hate In Dub / In All Languages DVD" 2CD + DVD Box Set
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This reissue features their seminal and long deleted "Songs Of Love and Hate" album from 1996 alongside its reworking via industrial, techno and dub on the brutal "Songs Of Love And Hate In Dub" and the much sought after and again deleted "In All Languages" DVD that features all 5 of the bands promo videos from their decade long Earache career.

Forging a brand of heavy and aggressive yet still stirring and emotional industrial that was often mimicked, but never bettered Godflesh were revered by critics, bands (including Kirk Hammet, Max Cavalera, Pantera, SYL and Fear Factoryl) and fans alike.

So forget looking on Ebay auctions and get this amazing value package of one of Earaches earliest and most influential bands finest moments.

Track listing:

'Songs of Love and Hate'

01 Wake
02 Sterile Prophet
03 Circle of Shit
04 Hunter
05 Gift from Heaven
06 Amoral
07 Angel Domain
08 Kingdom Come
09 Time Death and Wastefulness
10 Frail
11 Almost Heaven

Tracklisting CD 2:
'Love and Hate in Dub'

01 Circle of Shit (To the Point Dub)
02 Wake (Break Mix)
03 Almost Heaven (Closer Mix)
04 Gift from Heaven (Breakbeat)
05 Frail (Now Broken)
06 Almost Heaven (Helldub)
07 Kingdom Come (Version)
08 Time Death and Wastefulness (In Dub)
09 Sterile Prophet (In Dub)
10 Domain
11 Gift from Heaven (Heavenly)

Tracklisting DVD:
'In All Languages'

01 Crush My Soul
02 Mothra
03 Slavestate
04 Christbait Rising
05 Avalanche Master Song

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