Godflesh "Godflesh / Selfless / Us And Them" 3CD Box Set

Godflesh "Godflesh / Selfless / Us And Them" 3CD Box Set
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These three long out of print releases stretch across the Godflesh catalogue and now come housed in one excellent value packed set! Featuring the band's 1988 debut record 'Godflesh' (with 2 bonus tracks) together with the 1994 album ‘Selfless’ (including a 23 minute bonus track!!) and the bands mighty pre millennial apocalypse obituary ‘Us and Them’ from 1999.

And thus creates a fitting end to our Godflesh reissue series with the powerful 'Songs of Love & Hate CD / Songs Of Love & Hate In Dub CD/ In All Languages DVD' - Still available and the now sold out Pure CD / Cold World CD / Slavestate CD' box.

Track listing:

CD 1:


01. Avalanche Master Song
02. Veins
03. Godhead
04. Spinebender
05. Weak Flesh
06. Ice Nerveshatter
07. Wounds*
08. Streecleaner 2*

*CD bonus tracks

CD 2:


01. Xnoybis
02. Bigot
03. Black Boned Angel
04. Anything is Mine
05. Empyreal
06. Crush My Soul
07. Body Dome Light
08. Toll
09. Heartless
10. Mantra
11. Go Spread Your Wings*

*CD bonus tracks

CD 3:

‘Us and Them’

01. I Me Mine
02. Us and Them
03. Endgames
04. Witchhunt
05. Whose Truth Is Your Truth
06. Defiled
07. Bittersweet
08. Nail
09. Descent
10. Control Freak
11. The Internal
12. Live to Lose

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