Exhumed "Death Revenge" CD

Exhumed "Death Revenge" CD
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Release Date: October 13th, 2017

Lock your doors and bolt your windows as longstanding Gore Metal maniacs, EXHUMED reemerge with their disgusting new album Death Revenge. The band's 6th full-length sees them tread into ambitious new territory with their first concept album; a musical melodrama in thirteen parts based on shocking true events. Death Revenge tells the macabre tale of a series of brutal murders committed in order to sell the victims' cadavers to anatomists, and the grisly underground trade of grave-robbery in the late 1820s in Edinburgh, Scotland. Recorded with producer Jarrett Pritchard (Goatwhore, Hate Eternal, Gruesome), Death Revenge takes the band's signature gore-drenched, death metal mayhem to theatrical and ghastly new heights. 

Track Listing:

  1.  Introduction: Death Revenge Overture  
  2.  Defenders of the Grave  
  3.  Lifeless  
  4.  Dead End  
  5.  Night Work  
  6.  Unspeakable  
  7.  Interlude: Gravemakers of Edinburgh  
  8.  The Harrowing  
  9.  A Funeral Party  
  10.  The Anatomy Act of 1832   
  11.  Incarnadined Hands  
  12.  Death Revenge  







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