Evile "Infected Nations" 2CD Redux, w/ Patch + Sticker Sheet

Evile "Infected Nations" 2CD Redux, w/ Patch + Sticker Sheet
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This limited edition redux of Eviles incendiary second album includes a 15 Track live CD! Featuring their last live recording with original bassist Mike Alexander at last years Hammerfest and the last studio recording of the original line up with a cover of Pantera's 'Cemetery Gates' as well as a recent 9 track live in the studio set.

Evile's second album, and follow up to the highly acclaimed and internationally successful 'Enter The Grave', sees the band finding a new level of maturity and songwriting craftsmanship creating a heavier thrash sound than on their debut and referencing Sepultura, Slayer and of course early Metallica. Yet all the while the big difference here is that this album is written and played by Evile and it sounds like Evile. Comparisons to other once great bands are now surplus to requirements as these four young Brits have dragged Thrash into the 21st Century and given it new life and identity.

The last two years has seen Evile spend many months on the road both headlining shows and supporting the likes of old school Thrash titans Megadeth and Exodus, turning the band into a tight well oiled live machine. 'Infected Nations' erupts from this base of streamlined concentration and hard work combined with focusing on the planets degradation and humanity's general malaise creating a dark, heavy and brooding beast that is as memorable for it's thought provoking lyrical matter as it is for the riffs that will literally tear your soul apart!

Prepare to face the new leaner beast that is Evile 2009, as 'Infected Nations' delivers the songs that will forever make headbanging a mandatory part of your daily life!

Track Listing

01. Infected Nation
02. Now Demolition
03. Nosophoros
04. Genocide
05. Plague To End All Plagues
06. Devoid Of Thought
07. Time No More
08. Metamorphosis
09. Hundred Wrathful Deities

Disc 2:

01) Cemetery Gates (Pantera cover)


02) Infected Nation (live)
03) We Who Are About to Die (live)
04) Thrasher (live)
05) Now Demolition (live)
06) Nosophoros (live)
07) Time No More (live)
08) Bathe in Blood (live)
09) Enter The Grave (live)


10) Armoured Assault (live)
11) Man Against Machine (live)
12) Now Demolition (live)
13) Thrasher (live)
14) Enter The Grave (live)
15) Schizophrenia (live)

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