Dub War "Step Ta Dis" CD

Dub War "Step Ta Dis" CD
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The explosive Ragga-Rock debut album from Dub War featuring Benji & other members of SKINDRED.

Track List:

One Chill(Aphrodite 'Smash Up The Place' Mix)
Million Dollar Love(DJ Rap Mix)
Over Now (Haggis-senser 'Bonobo's Tea Party' Remix)
Nation (Aphrodite Mix)
Strike It(Attica Blues Mo' Wax Mix)
Silencer(Boilerhouse Boys Remix)
MEntal(Acid Jazz Jazzid Remix)
Strike It(Hurrican Beastie Boys Live DJ Remix)
Nar Say A Ting(Rootsman Dub Mix)
Mental(Haggis-Senser Bonobo's Ruyere' Remix)
Gorrit(Black Anadin Toxic Waste Remix)
Prisoner(Nico Nu-U-Turn Dub Remix)
Strike It (Panacea Remix)
Pain(Ninj Manic Remix)

Dub War Live In London LA2 January 10th 1998
Strike It Live*
Mental Live
*Pain Live*

*Denoyes exclusive bonus tracks

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