Customs Import

If you are ordering outside the UK then your order could be subject to your country's customs and import rules which could incur a charge for import duty or tax.

(if your order value is GREATER than these amounts you should may be charged import duty and tax by your country's governement).

We are not able to guarantee the following information but as of September 2018 the limits in value for incurring customs charges are as follows for various countries:

USA   $800 USD
Australia  $1000 AUD
Japan  10,000 JPY
Canada  $20 CAD
Norway 200 NOK
South Korea  $150 USD
China   2000 CYN
Taiwan  3000 TWD
Singapore  400 SGD
Russia   (monthly personal allowance)
UAE   500 AED
Ukraine  100 EUR
New Zealand $400 NZD
Israel    500 MYR
Malaysia   100 Thai Baht

The figures may be subject to change and are provided here as a guide only.