Cathedral "The Ethereal Mirror" Limited Edition CD/DVD Digipak

Cathedral "The Ethereal Mirror" Limited Edition CD/DVD Digipak
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Ethereal Mirror was almost as drastic a departure from Cathedrals slow and meloncholic doom drenched debut, "Forest Of Equilibrium", as was Lee Dorrain fronting Cathedral after playing in Napalm Death!

Featuring fan favourites and MTV video hits "Midnight Mountain" and "Ride" this album ushered in the Cathedral we know and recognise today with their doomy sabbathesque riffs mixed with more groove laden rock!

With a Bonus disc capturing the end of Cathedral's proper DOOM period otherwise known as the ‘Statik Majik’ EP which despite only being 3 tracks long has a total running time of 35 mins! And a 40 minute DVD documentary that chronicals the development of the band and the subsequent success of ‘The Ethereal Mirror’ which led to a major label deal with Columbia Records as well as an interview with long time artwork collaborator Dave Patchett we are proud to deliver yet another great value package.

Track Listing

1. Violet Vortex (Intro) 1:55
2. Ride 4:47
3. Enter the Worms 6:05
4. Midnight Mountain 4:55
5. Fountain of Innocence 7:12
6. Grim Luxuria 4:47
7. Jaded Entity 7:53
8. Ashes You Leave 6:21
9. Phantasmagoria 8:42
10. Imprisoned in Flesh 1:43

Bonus disc:

01. Hypnos 164
02. Cosmic Funeral
03. The Voyage of the Homeless Sapien

* Tracks taken from the ‘Statik Majik’ EP

DVD Side:

'Ethereal Reflections’

40 min brand new documentary with key original band members, filmed in Coventry in 2009, and also featuring interviews with infamous cover artist Dave Patchett. An in depth exploration of the formation of Cathedral, the recording of ‘The Ethereal Mirror’ and the growth of the band from humble beginnings to a major label deal.


01. Musical Progression
02. A Major Deal
03. Manor Studio
04. The Artwork
05. Tension Rising
06. Fashion Sense
07. Disco Doom
08. Exit Adam
09. Where Are You Now?
10. Reflections

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