Brutal Truth "Need To Control" Deluxe Gatefold Double 12" Black Vinyl

Out Of Stock Brutal Truth "Need To Control" Deluxe Gatefold Double 12" Black Vinyl
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1994 saw New York's brutal Truth turn out what was unquestionably one of the finest Grindcore demolition jobs in the genre's history as they managed to marry death metal and crust elements to their trademark drug addled whirlwind and create and album that is still seen by many as their creative peak!

With a decidely more crust and dirt ridden sound no doubt in part due to the escalating amounts of drugs the Brutal Truth boys were taking 'Need To Control' also introduces us to the magnificent Rich Hoak on drums, who many have since sat and marvelled at the sheer speed he can demonstrate on a drum kit while high as a kite!

As well as the outstanding 15 tracks of top quality grindcore that would shape the genre for years to come this redux version features 5 bonus songs originally only found on the rare LP Box Set version of the album from 1994 and which includes unique covers of both Pink Floyd and Celtic Frost!

Track Listing
1. Collapse
2. Black Door Mine
3. Turn Face
4. Godplayer
5. I See Red
6. Ironlung
7. Bite the Hand
8. Ordinary Madness
9. Media Blitz (Germs/Williams)
10. Judgement
11. Brain Trust
12. Choice of a New Generation
13. Mainliner
14. Displacement
15. Crawlspace
16. Wish You Were Here....Wish You'd Go Away (Pink Floyd cover)*
17. Painted Clowns*
18. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover)*
19. Eggshells*
20. Head Cheese *

* bonus tracks

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