Bonded By Blood "Exiled To Earth" CD

Bonded By Blood "Exiled To Earth" CD
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The brand new album from Californian thrash young guns BONDED BY BLOOD, 'Exiled To Earth' is set 600 years in the future, telling the story of the alien invaders the Crong, and the warriors of Earth who must overthrow them and take back the planet.

Produced by Ralph Patlan (Megadeth), 'Exiled To Earth' steps up the energy from the debut album Feed The Beast, being faster, louder and tighter, with chugging riffs and frantic solos everywhere - 'Exiled To Earth' is a thrash metal frenzy in all its speedy, headbanging glory.


01 600 AB (After the Bomb)
02 Episodes of Aggression
03 Prototype: Death Machine
04 Prison Planet
05 Genetic Encryption
06 Blood Spilled Offerings
07 Exiled to Earth
08 Parasitic Infection
09 Desolate Future
10 Sector 87
11 Cross-Insemination


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