Blood Red Throne "Souls Of Damnation" CD/DVD Digipak

Blood Red Throne "Souls Of Damnation" CD/DVD Digipak
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Ferocious new album from Norwegian death metal horde Blood Red Throne. Renouncing the typical genre choice of many a Norwegian these guys play Death Metal the way it should be, with blast beats, a killer bass sound courtesy of Erlend Caspersen (Vile, Spawn Of Possession and Deeds Of Flesh) and gutteral vocals, but most importantly with groove and SONGS!

With band members having spent time in the likes of Carpathian Forest, Emperor, Satyricon and Green Carnation amongst many others you know that this will yet again be a release of stunning quality and sits head and shoulders above all of the bands previously excellent work.

This limited edition CD Digipak comes with two extra tracks of brutal Death Metal and a 30 minute DVD docmentary with all the current band members detailing the history of Blood Red Throne as well as live and studio footage. The DVD is Region Free and NTSC, meaning it will play on all DVD players worldwide.

Check out the trailer for more information.

Tracklisting CD:

01 The Light, The Hate
02 Harme
03 Throne of Damnation
04 Human Fraud
05 Demand
06 Your Cold Flesh
07 Prove Yourself Dead
08 Not Tugenjev, But Close
09 Ten Steps of Purgatory

Limited edition bonus tracks:

10 Manifest of Lies
11 Affiliated With the Suffering

Limited edition bonus DVD:

A 30 min documentary with interviews charting the 10 year career of the band conducted with all current band members, plus in the studio footage and live performances.


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