At The Gates "Suicidal Final Art" CD

At The Gates "Suicidal Final Art" CD
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An overview of the career of one of the most respected melodic death metal bands in the world. The fact that they stood out from countrymen Entombed, Carnage, Grave, Unleashed, Insision and many other bands that there is no way enough space to mention, should say something about the quality on offer here.

The 15 tracks are spread across the bands career from their first release on Peacville all the way through to their final album, which most would argue is their best, on Earache, 'Slaughter of the Soul'.

Rounded off with 2 bonus videos for the songs 'Terminal Spirit Disease' & 'The Burning Darkness' you know this is a great value for money introduction to one of metals most important bands of the last two decades!

Track Listing:

1. The Red in the Sky is Ours 03:06
2. Kingdom Gone 04:41
3. Windows 03:55
4. Ever-Opening Flower (demo) 05:32
5. The Architects (demo) 03:30
6. Raped by the Light of Christ 02:55
7. Primal Breath 07:17
8. Blood of the Sunsets 04:27
9. The Burning Darkness 02:11
10. The Swarm 03:27
11. Terminal Spirit Disease 03:40
12. Forever Blind 03:59
13. The Beautiful Wound 03:52
14. Blinded by Fear 03:11
15. Slaughter of the Soul 03:03
Total playing time 58:46

Bonus Videos

16. Terminal Spirit Disease
17. The Burning Darkness

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