Terrorizer "World Downfall" Limited Japanese CD

Terrorizer "World Downfall" Limited Japanese CD
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Talk about important Earache bands - this is a mandatory purchase! Featuring Jesse Pintado on guitar (Napalm Death), Pete Sandoval on drums (Morbid Angel) and Oscar Garcia (original vocalist) ably assisted by David Vincent on bass (Morbid Angel) - this is a non stop lesson in whirlwind grindcore. Get it.

1After World Obliteration3:28
2Storm Of Stress1:28
3Fear Of Napalm3:01
4Human Prey2:08
5Corporation Pull-In2:21
6Strategic Warheads1:38
7Condemned System1:22
9Enslaved By Propaganda2:14
10Need To Live1:17
11Ripped To Shreds2:52
13Whirlwind Struggle2:15
15Dead Shall Rise3:05
16World Downfall2:34
 Bonus Tracks - Terrorizer Rehearsal Demo 1987
17Strategic Warheads (Demo)1:53
18After World Obliteration (Demo)3:24
19Corporate Takeover (Demo)2:44
20Misled System (Demo)4:02

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