Circle Of Dead Children "Zero Comfort Margin" Ltd Russian CD

Circle Of Dead Children "Zero Comfort Margin" Ltd Russian CD
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With Zero Comfort Margin, Circle of Dead Children further establishes themselves as one of the best and most important grindcore bands in the world. Recorded with Steve Austin (TITD, Lamb of God) ZCM is a brand new MCD with over 20 minutes of new music and 15 new tracks. One of the most focused and brutal releases in CODCs history the band continues to push grindcore and extreme music to its limits.

Track Listing
1. Forward Through the Copper Sun
2. Zero Comfort Margin
3. No Tears Fall Through Hollow Eye Sockets
 4. Chemical Goat  
5. Whimper
6. Android (120 ampere opiate)
7. Host(age)
8. Bohemian Grave
9. The System as the Master Deceiver
10. Born on a Bombshell
11. Strip Naked for the Killer
12. A Homage to Tombstone Granite
13. Footprints in Fire
15. For Black Eyes Only a.k.a. Depopulate: Tears of Illuminati

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