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Ethereal Mirror was almost as drastic a departure from Cathedrals slow and meloncholic doom drenched..
An outstanding double CD set detailing Cathedral's Earache period.Track listingDISC 1: SERPE..
Rough and ready Canadian Heavy Metal heroes return with their second album of traditional NWOBHM tha..
Canadian trio Cauldron bring the new wave of traditional Heavy Metal back to the fore with their Ear..
As soon as you pick up the new Cauldron album 'Tomorrow's Lost', you know that the stalwart duo of J..
Clutch's debut single from 1992 (if you don't count the Pitchfork EP) is the only place you can find..
Release Date: November 9, 2018Clutch's debut single from 1992 (if you don't count the Pitchfork ..
Hail Conan! If troglodytes could have gotten their paws on a Fuzzthrone or other fuzz pedals…they wo..
Track Listing:1. Hexagram 2. Needles And Pins 3. Minerva 4. Good Morning Beautiful 5. Deathb..
Track Listing:1. "Satan Spawn, The Caco Daemon" 2. Dead But Dreaming 3. Repent To Die 4. Trif..
Oh you of little faith......you thought that Deicide couldn't do it? They couldn't recapture the ear..
Release Date: October 21st, 2016Track Listing:1. Homage For Satan 2. From Darkness Come 3...
Emerging from seemingly endless controversy re-energised and re-focused, the legendary Deicide hit b..
Extremely limited edition pressing, released only in Germany as a part of our All-Time Classic Metal..