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Cathedral "Supernatural Birth Machine" CD Out Of Stock
Walking a fine line between doom and stoner rock, Mr Dorrian and friends take a ride through the wil..
Superb lesson in riff mastery - take the blueprint of Sabbath and make it heavier. Includes classics..
An outstanding double CD set detailing Cathedral's Earache period.Track listingDISC 1: SERPE..
Rough and ready Canadian Heavy Metal heroes return with their second album of traditional NWOBHM tha..
As soon as you pick up the new Cauldron album 'Tomorrow's Lost', you know that the stalwart duo of J..
With Zero Comfort Margin, Circle of Dead Children further establishes themselves as one of the best ..
Clutch's debut single from 1992 (if you don't count the Pitchfork EP) is the only place you can find..
Release Date: November 9, 2018Clutch's debut single from 1992 (if you don't count the Pitchfork ..
Corporation 187 "Subliminal Fear" CD Pre-Order
Aggressive Slayerish thrash from Sweden, with a passing nod to The Haunted.Track List:01. Ho..
Cult Of Luna return with their storming fifth album "Eternal Kingdom"! The Swedish collective have r..
Release Date: February 17, 2017Following his departure from UK metalcore pioneers Asking Alexand..
Release Date: February 17, 2017This limited edition digipak contains a photo-card hand-signed by..
Heavy as hell, and emotional, like a very Metal Tragedy so catastrophic that words alone can not des..
Disgarding the traditional conventions of Death Metal, Decapitated take the genre to a new plateau o..