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More like a journey than an album, this is almost 80 minutes of the most depressing, doom-laden blac..
R.I.P. David Gold 1980 - 2011It is with regret that we note the sad passing of David Gold of Can..
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Since the untimely passing of David Gold in 2011, many fans have repeatedly searched for his earlier..
Your Demise "Ignorance Never Dies" CD -45%
Your Demise are the UK's leading hardcore band. Plying a mixture of Agnostic Front, Biohazard and du..
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Three hellish versions of the track 'Heaven Is Oblivion'. Contains the original + 'Billy Bunter Remi..
Ultraviolence "Paranoid" CD Single - Black Sabbath cover Out Of Stock
The CD single of Ultraviolence' version of the classic Black Sabbath track 'Paranoid'. Also found on..
This massive value compilation will surely go down in history as one of the finest and complete ever..
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