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Track listing:1. White Irises Blind 2. White Irises Blind [Minimal Mix] 3. Black Ash Dub 4...
Blistering new album from Dutch Technical Death Metallers Severe Torture, "Sworn Vengeance" sees the..
Young Sacramento-based heartfelt rock act Shortie returns with their second album, displaying a high..
Release Date: November 23, 2018Legendary album by the almighty stoner rock heroes, now working t..
Preaching the kind of hedonistic lifestyle lesser mortals can only dream of, Society 1 weave industr..
The UK's crossover thrash kings return with a storming new full length as they career through 25 fas..
Talk about important Earache bands - this is a mandatory purchase! Featuring Jesse Pintado on guitar..
Release Date: April 26, 2019Talk about important Earache bands - this is a mandatory purchase! F..
PLease note that these CDs are not factory sealed.Talk about important Earache bands - this is a..
We all know the score by now The Berzerker are the only band to adeptly marry the basics of old scho..
The Berzerker's "Dissimulate" CD comes at ya like machine gun to the head, blasting a thousand round..
The Berzerker "World Of Lies" Limited Russian CD Out Of Stock
Berzerker's new album, World of Lies, is ready to bring on some of the most glorious pumping songs t..
'Fetish' is yet another stunning debut for the Earache roster in 2009! Combining virtuoso technical ..
The new wave of Thrash Metal. Swedish Grammy "Best Hard Rock Album" WINNER. Track ListPrivation..
Prime Swedish thrash-metal attack! Stunning songs and production make this another legendary album i..