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Deicide "Till Death Do Us Part" CD -41%
The notorious Death Metal legends Deicide return with their most barbaric and extreme album ever in ..
$9.49 $5.61
Includes limited edition "Glen Benton For President" PatchThe notorious Death Metal legends Dei..
Hailing from the hotbed of modern metal talent, Chicago's Diamond Plate are the hottest new band on ..
Down "Nola" CD -14%
Track Listing:1. Temptation's Wings 2. Lifer 3. Pillars Of Eternity 4. Rehab 5. Hail The Lea..
$10.49 $8.99
2xCD Ragga-Punk-Metal Featuring Benji from Skindred!Classic set of albums from Dub War released ..
Dub War "The Dub, The War And The Ugly" CD/DVD -65%
Cast your mind back to the mid-90s, when Newport, Wales was the unlikely source for ragga-metal pion..
$9.49 $3.36
Release Date: April 26, 2019“We do whatever we want and feel totally free when it comes to compo..
CD Collection of Entombed' s out of print singles plus plenty of bonus material. Still the only plac..
Crushing guitars, gutteral vocals all with an eye for deadly but catchy songs made Entombed's 1990 d..
Entombed "The Best Of Entombed" CD -46% Out Of Stock
Release Date: September 30th, 2016This carefully curated compilation spans the entire career of ..
$6.19 $3.36
Release Date: November 8, 2019Blending the heaviness of death metal with the swagger rock 'n' ro..
Entwined "Dancing Under Glass" CD -87% Pre-Order
Track List:01. The Sound of Her Wings 02. Shed Nightward Beauty 03. Under a Killing Moon 04. ..
$4.09 $0.55
Treading the fine line between the sane and the insane, jazz metal confusionists Ephel Duath present..
Ephel Duath "Through My Dog's Eyes" CD -64%
The new studio full length from Italian jazz influenced rockers Ephel Duath "Through My Dog's Eyes" ..
$6.19 $2.24