Usurper "Visions From The Gods" CD

Usurper "Visions From The Gods" CD
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Collecting together a fine array of demo tunes, rare material and live cuts, this set from Chicago's finest has been remastered and repackaged. In addition two bonus tracks, 'Anno Satanas' and a ripping live version of 'Warriors of Iron and Rust' makes this a worthwhile collection. If your criteria for Metal includes any of the following; a) studs b)spikes c) deathgrunts or d) all of the above, then this is a mandatory purchase.

1. Soulstalker '96 - 4:03
2. Deep in the Forest - 5:56
3. Visions from the Gods - 4:34
4. Dusk - 5:52
5. Soulstalker - 3:25
6. Anno Satanas - 6:15
7. Charon - 4:15
8. Bonefire - 4:17
9. Wolflord - 5:04
10. Warriors of Iron and Rust - 4:27

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