Enforcer "Diamonds" CD

Enforcer "Diamonds" CD
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With Enforcer's debut 'Into the Night', these talented Swedes set our their NWOBHM and classic rock inspired stall, but now with their second album 'Diamonds they've hugely surpassed any previous potential they had shown and are now once again set to rage across Europe are with gigs a plenty over the coming months proving to everyone that true Heavy Metal is back and that Enforcer are spearheading that revival along with Earache contemporaries Cauldron and White Wizzard! Plainly and simply this is Heavy Fukking Metal the way the Gods intended!

01. Midnight Vice
02. Roll the Dice
03. Katana
04. Running in Menace
05. High Roller
06. Diamonds
07. Live for the Night
08. Nightmares
09. Walk With Me
10. Take Me to Hell

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