Cauldron "Tomorrows Lost" Digisleeve CD

Cauldron "Tomorrows Lost" Digisleeve CD
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As soon as you pick up the new Cauldron album 'Tomorrow's Lost', you know that the stalwart duo of Jason Decay and Ian Chains have continued on their darker subject path towards the fire and brimstone of heavy metal folklore of old! And just as the cover artwork depicts a mountain in flames these 9 tracks clarify that the true flag bearers of all things heavy metal have returned.

With an extensive touring legacy under their notably bullet and studded belts these past few years Cauldron have forged a rough hewn niche into the current traditional metal scene, which they look to shake up further as they will once again be hitting the road in support of "Tomorrow's Lost' in a swirl of smoke, alcohol and heavy metal.

Track Listing:


01 End of Time
02 Born To Struggle
03 Nitebreaker
04 Summoned to Succumb
05 Burning Fortune
06 Endless Ways
07 Relentless Temptress
08 Fight for Day
09 Tomorrow's Lost (Sun Will Fall)

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