Beecher "This Elegy, His Autopsy" CD

Beecher "This Elegy, His Autopsy" CD
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Using chaos as a driving force, Beecher push the sound of modern Hardcore ever onwards with ferocious focus. Instilled with a love of tech Metal gods and Punk directness, the band have poured all of their varied experience from years spent playing live with countless other top class extreme acts to deliver their breakthrough moment. Equally at home with colossal chugging Metal riffage or complex stop/start interchanges, where Beecher differs from others is the ability to incorporate progressive, dreamy elements into the maelstrom. Recorded in God City with Converge's Kurt Ballou.

Track Listing:

1. Â It's Good Weather For Black Leather
2. Â Function! Function!
3. Â The Womanizer And The Alcoholic
4. Â Knight The Arsonist
5. Â Not Guilty
6. Â And On The Day He Became A Human Plumb Line
7. Â Psycho Galvanic Skin Response
8. Â Man The Traps
9. Â Brown Eyes (No Name)
10. The Biting Cold
11. I Won't Miss, Or Be Missed
12. Happiness
13. Reach Up To The Gods

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