Autonomy "Autonomy" CD

Autonomy "Autonomy" CD
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Trampling all over the UK nu-band scene come Autonomy, and already they are head and shoulders above the competition. Utilising the peerless talents of producer Dave Dominguez (whose previous CV extends to work with Papa Roach and Staind), and the flawless melodic vocal abilities of LA native 'Soup' Carpenter, 'Autonomy' hits the spot with its combination of hardcore-tinged fluency and the dual vocal attack, alternating between warp-speed rap delivery and singalong clean choruses. This is no drab nu-metal imitation - Autonomy have ideas in abundance and the result is a major league sounding monster of an album.

Track listing

1. Shovel Affections
2. But I Thought
3. Was It Worth It?
4. S/K/N/S
5. Throw Like Dice
6. Donkey Punch
7. Help You
8. A Feeling Undescribable
9. Destination
10. This Is Real
11. When Things Go Wrong
12. Replaced

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