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Release Date: October 25, 2019This product is for the EXCLUSIVE SIGNED edition of Goodbye June's..
This slimline digisleeve CD allows the album artwork to be seen as it was meant to be seen, instead ..
A new world of powerful, emotional hard rock is about to unfold and captivate all who stray into Ade..
Please note that only a very limited number of these will be available at the reduced price.For ..
Release Date: November 9, 2018Track Listing:Slaughter Of The Soul1. Blinded By Fear 2. ..
Trampling all over the UK nu-band scene come Autonomy, and already they are head and shoulders above..
Fusing the ethics of primal hardcore with a love for the technicalities and aggression of Metal. Als..
Using chaos as a driving force, Beecher push the sound of modern Hardcore ever onwards with ferociou..
Extreme progressive metallers Biomechanical have again managed to create a sublime album combining t..
Release Date - July 10th, 2015Atlanta's rock 'n' roll tearaways Biters will be releasing their E..
Release Date: May 19th, 2017Presenting the brand new album from Georgia's most dangerous rock 'n..
Relentless set of tunes with mega Colin Richardsone production - 'Spearhead' rules.Track listing..
Over the last year these youngsters have been taking the LA scene by storm! Inspired by the LA Thras..
Proving that the 'Thrash revival" has staying power, LA metal lifers Bonded By Blood unleash their t..
The legendary break through Carcass album that many of you will have been waiting years to own is fi..