Natur "Head Of Death" Gatefold Pop-Up Sleeve Green Vinyl

Out Of Stock Natur "Head Of Death" Gatefold Pop-Up Sleeve Green Vinyl
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After repeated requests from fans, Natur's debut album, "Head Of Death", is finally available on vinyl. Housed in an awesome gatefold pop-up sleeve, this strictly limited edition pressing is surely the must-have vinyl of 2013!

Dwelling in the filth-ridden depths of the underground Metal brotherhood, New York's Natur have created a distinct reputation for themselves, blending the arcane and the obscure into a sound drenched in the very essence of Metal's formative years.

With their debut full length 'Head of Death', Natur expand on the excitement caused by their early demos and 7" with a set of songs exploring the mystical and the macabre. 'Vermin Rift' explores the terror of the night, 'Goblin Shark' relates the tale of demented possessed sailor out for revenge, while 'Head of Death' itself predicts the horror of what happens when your time is up.

Deliberately archaic, Natur take delight in highlighting the eerie atmospheres of the Metal heroes of yore - Mercyful Fate, Angel Witch and Venom - and adding their own twisted vision of the horror and fantastical that make up their world. With their underground cred in no doubt thanks to the patronage of Darkthrone's Fenriz, and their appearance at the Live Evil Festival in London as well as support slots with High on Fire at the invitation of Thrasher Magazine, 'Head of Death' should see Natur spread their unholy gospel even wider.

Track listing:

01 Head of Death
02 The Messenger
03 Goblin Shark
04 Decion
05 The Servant
06 Vermin Rift
07 Spider Baby
08 Mutations in Maine

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