The Soulless "Isolated" CD

The Soulless "Isolated" CD
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Melodic and fluid modern Death Metal from the UK's The Soulless. Previously known as ‘Ignominious Incarceration’ they unleashed their debut album ‘Of Winter Born’ on Earache in 2009 winning many converts with their mix of Swedish melodicisms, old school death metal riffing & blasting and modern technicality!

Having toured with the likes of Bring Me the Horizon, Cryptopsy, Bleed from Within & And Hell Followed With 'Isolated' is sure to be the stepping stone to the great things these guys have been aspiring to since the beginning!


01. Unaltered
02. The Path
03. Earthbound
04. 13th Morning
05 New Perspective
06. Clones
07. Revelation
08. Our Return
09. Unite Us
10. You Are Nothing To Me
11. Without Heart

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