SSS "Problems To The Answer" CD

SSS "Problems To The Answer" CD
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The UK's crossover thrash kings return with a storming new full length as they career through 25 fast and furious tracks in the vein of D.R.I., Municipal Waste, early Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies!

SSS 2011 are certainly faster and harder than before, which is backed up by their formidable guest musician Barney Greenway of Napalm Death who occasionally lends his considerable vocal talents, Hell yeah!!

Though despite all this SSS also manage to turn in some of their most rocky and damn right catchy tunes they have ever commited to record with some especially rocking instrumentals!


01. The Kill Floor
02. Out the Loop
03. Birdshit
04. Laughing Leads to Crying
05 White Bread
06. Eat Me Drink Me Burn Me
07. Foreign Body Plot
08. Roar
09. Sick Pleasures
10. Direct Action
11. What Would Cards Do?
12. Man Against Man
13. Tales Out of School
14. Rats Nest
15. Cathode Control
16. Painting by Numbers
17. Quick Fix
18. Future Primitive
19. Trapped Inside Two States of Mind
20. Politics of Convenience
21. Here Comes the Neighbourhood
22. Deep Sleep
23. Speed Freaks
24. Dismantle the Dream
25. Strangenotes

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