Putrid Offal "Anatomy" Digipak CD

Putrid Offal "Anatomy" Digipak CD
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Release Date: August 4th, 2017

Slashing, cutting, twisting and dissecting, the blood-soaked rotten-bowels-addicts of PUTRID OFFAL, the seminal and genuine veterans of Death / Grind from France established in 1990, are back with even more gore after the release of their critically-acclaimed and successful debut full-length, "Mature Necropsy", in 2015.After two years of harvesting blood all around the European festivals’ stages and back from their late 2016 European tour with fellow French legends MERCYLESS, the new PUTRID OFFAL EP, "Anatomy", not only celebrates the band’s gig at this year’s HELLFEST, but also marks the first time the band unveils, among other gory goodies, material that’s been written by the whole line-up as of today, including drummer Laye Louhenapessy (also of DEHUMAN).Featuring two brand new tracks ("Anatomy" and "Didactic Exploration"), two re-recordings of "Mature Necropsy" songs with Laye martyrizing the drumkit in spite of the album’s drum-machine ("Rotted Flesh" and "Gurgling Prey") and two live tracks ("Requiem for a Corpse" and "Purulent Cold", the former being a brand new, previously unreleased, song), "Anatomy" is the proof that PUTRID OFFAL is a powerful, unstoppable and totally renewed force, not only back with an update of their early 90’s back-catalogue as showcased on "Mature Necropsy", but also with brand new, crushing and merciless, material which brutally translates into sharp surgical tools both in the studio and live.Let There Be Rot!

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