Hate Eternal "I, Monarch" CD

Hate Eternal "I, Monarch" CD
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Death Metal's most savagely uncompromising trio is back! Insanely fast, and technically beyond compare. Hate Eternal once again raise the benchmark for the extreme with 'I, Monarch". Unmatched in its complexity and incomprehensible to all but the enlightened. Hate Eternals hierarchical philosophy is emphasised with every blast, every demented lead, and for every second of this nerve-shredding, jaw dropping example of what elite Death Metal bands are all about.

Track listing:

1 Two Demons
2 Behold Judas
3 The Victorious Reign
4 To Know Our Enemies
5 I, Monarch
6 Path to the Eternal Gods
7 The Plague of Humanity
8 It Is Our Will
9 Sons of Darkness
10 Faceless One

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