Ewigkeit "Radio Ixtlan" CD

Ewigkeit "Radio Ixtlan" CD
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Now here's something new, fresh and positively bursting with inspiration. Radio Ixtlan takes the best parts of rock, prog, metal, ambience, stoner, folk and blends them lovingly into a new brand of aural wonder. Memorable progressive tunes are fused with plenty of trippy psychedelia which has lead to comparisons to acts such as Killing Joke, The Orb, Opeth and Pink Floyd. This genre defining work could be described as a 'Dark Side Of The Moon' for the death metal generation and hints at a possible way forward for the scene.

Track listing:

1. About Time
2. ESC
3. Powerplant
4. Journey To Ixtlan
5. Live At Palenque 2012
6. Conquer The Fear
7. Platonic Verses
8. Strange Volk
9. The New Way

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