Alireza "Endlyss" Digipak CD

Alireza "Endlyss" Digipak CD
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Release Date: April 12, 2019

Alternative trap artist ALIREZA has just dropped his EARACHE RECORDS debut  album‘Endlyss’. Whilst Alireza’s dark, 808 driven sound (influenced by the likes of Denzel Curry and Earl Sweatshirt) may not be the most obvious choice of signing for a metal label like Earache, he shares a similar socially conscious, anti-corporate outlook and penchant for unrestrained sonic violence with most of Earache’s grindcore alumni.

Both these elements are on display in the video for his single ‘Vendetta’, a subtle and knowing subversion of hip-hop music video clichés. After finding a credit card with an endless balance for the next 24 hours, Alireza wastes no time in throwing a huge party for all his friends – but whilst they’re living it up and making it rain, the rapper sits alone with his head in his hands (a pose similar to the strung out figure adorning Napalm Death’s classic ‘From Enslavement To Obliteration’ LP), seemingly even more depressed that these material possessions and bountiful wealth haven’t been able to save him from his own demons.

It’s a powerful image, and equally matched by the thumping, bass heavy drive of the track itself, signalling a bold new direction for both the artist and label.

Track Listing:

1. Intervene (Prod. Butch Dawson)
2. Same Thing (fear. Kamiyada & MikeyThaSavage) (Prod. Jason Rich)
3. Faint (feat. Lvrd Daphne) (Prod. Pentagrvm)
4. Vendetta (Prod. Jason Rich x Alireza)
5. Halloween (Prod. KO x Johnny Caravaggio x Porterhouse x Alireza)
6. Never Seen (Prod. Jason Rich)
7. Chariot (feat. Chuck Mahmoud) (Prod. Daniel Sahn)
8. Doomed (Prod. Jason Rich)
9. San Juan (Interlude) (Prod. Alirexa x El Szilard)
10. All That (Prod. Jason Rich)

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