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Godflesh "Songs Of Love And Hate" Vinyl -23%
Release Date: August 19th, 2016Track Listing:Side A:1. Wake 2. Sterile Prophet 3. Circ..
$15.49 $11.86
Kagoule "Urth" Limited Edition Colour Vinyl -30%
Release Date - August 21st 2015Presenting "Urth", the eagerly awaited debut album from Nott..
$15.49 $10.78
Lawnmower Deth "Ooh Crikey It's FDR Vinyl LP -30%
Early in 2014, Earache's second Kickstarter campaign was launched with the aim of reissuing re-activ..
$15.49 $10.78
Massive "Destination Somewhere" Ltd Edition Colour Vinyl - WEBSTORE EXCLUSIVE -30%
Release Date - April 22nd, 2016'Destination Somewhere’ is the explosive follow up to the all-kil..
$15.49 $10.78
Massive "Full Throttle" Limited Edition Gatefold 2x12" Colour Vinyl -30%
Meet Massive: a deadly 8 legged Aussie rock-monster that isn’t for the faint-hearted.Formed..
$15.49 $10.78
Napalm Death "Scum" FDR Vinyl -10%
This fantastic Full Dynamic Range vinyl is being repressed, and is due for release on March 17th, 20..
$15.49 $14.02
Napalm Death "The Earache Peel Sessions" Ltd Edition Colour Vinyl -30%
Release date - November 10th 2014To those of you unfamiliar with the legendary UK radio DJ John ..
$15.49 $10.78
Rival Sons "Hollow Bones" Vinyl - Transparent, Silver or Black Vinyl -16%
"Hollow Bones" will come in a deluxe gatefold vinyl, allowing the amazing artwork to be showcased pe..
$15.49 $12.94
Savage Messiah "The Fateful Dark" Limited Edition Colour Vinyl + Bonus 10" Vinyl -30%
Shred-heavy metallers Savage Messiah return with their brand new studio album, “The Fateful Dark”! ..
$15.49 $10.78
Sleep "Sleep's Holy Mountain" Limited Edition FDR Purple Vinyl -16%
Release Date: January 27th, 2017The all-time classic from stoner metal legends Sleep, "Sleep's H..
$17.99 $15.10
The Haunted "The Haunted" Ltd Edition Colour Vinyl - WEBSTORE EXCLUSIVE -10%
Release Date - January 29th 2016Having only been released on CD upon it's original release back ..
$15.49 $14.02
Var. "Gods Of Grind" Neon Yellow 2x12" Vinyl -33%
Record Store Day 2015Limited edition vinyl release for Record Store Day 2015. This classic compi..
$20.99 $14.02
Vektor "Black Future" Gatefold 2x12" Vinyl -10%
Ahead of Vektor's forthcoming European tour, and the highly anticipated 3rd studio album out on Eara..
$17.99 $16.18
Vektor "Terminal Redux" Vinyl -10%
After nearly 5 long years, Philadelphia-based progressive sci-fi metallers Vektor are back with..
$17.99 $16.18
Wakrat "Wakrat" Limited Edition Colour Vinyl -30%
Release Date: November 11, 2016The white and transparent vinyl editions of Wakrat's crushing deb..
$15.49 $10.78