Akercocke "Choronzon" Red/Black Splatter Vinyl - WEBSTORE EXCLUSIVE

Akercocke "Choronzon" Red/Black Splatter Vinyl - WEBSTORE EXCLUSIVE
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Some time ago, we ran a Facebook poll asking you all which album from Earache's past would you most like to see on vinyl. Akercocke's first release on Earache, "Choronzon", was the clear and perhaps surprising winner, and as such, we are pleased to be offering a very limited edition vinyl pressing of this cult release.

Limited to just 500 copies worldwide, this red and black splatter vinyl is exclusive to the Earache Webstores, meaning you're not going to find it on Amazon, you won't find it in the shops, it's only available right here. This vinyl is already in stock, and will be shipping immediately.

To commemorate this limited edition run, we have also brought back the accompanying T-shirt design, featuring a variation of this artwork on a Gildan Heavyweight T-shirt.

Track Listing:

01 Praise The Name of Satan
02 Prince of the North
03 Leviathan
04 Enraptured By Evil
05 Choronzon
06 Valley of the Crucified
07 Bathykolpian
08 Upon Coriaceous Wings
09 Scapegoat
10 Son of the Morning
11 Becoming The Adversary
12 Goddess Flesh

Leroy Laroche on 13/07/2016
1 reviews
Recieved my copy of this classic album today in the mail. Was super stoked to rip open the lp mailer to get to the goods. Once open I was impressed with how secure the actual record was packed especially since I opted to have it removed from the jacket. I was really impressed that they had the record in a separate plastic lined dust sleeve and NOT in the actual printed inner sleeve, it probably would have gotten splits if it had been in the printed inner..Enough of the packaging, once in my hand the color of the wax was just beautiful. Probably one of my favorite colored records I own in my collection, try holding it up to the light and see just how beautiful it is. I immediately took off the prior record I was listening to and slapped this record onto the platter and started spinning it, sound is awesome especially with a decent set up. Coming from my 1970's amp it sounded warm yet brutal, overall very satisfied with my purchase.

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