Kreator "Violent Revolution" 2x12" Vinyl (includes CD)

Kreator "Violent Revolution" 2x12" Vinyl (includes CD)
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Release Date: January 6th, 2017

SPV are giving these Kreator albums a proper reissue on vinyl.

Side A
1. Reconquering The Throne 04:12
2. The Patriarch 00:52
3. Violent Revolution 04:54
4. All Of The Same Blood 06:12

Side B
1. Servant in Heaven-King in Hell 05:07
2. Second Awakening 04:47
3. Ghetto War 05:02

Side C
1. Replicas Of Life 07:31
2. Slave Machinery 03:55

Side D
1. Bitter Sweet Revenge 05:22
2. Mind On Fire 03:56
3. System Decay 04:34

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